Just a reminder that today is the second UF instructor meetup at 4:00 at the UFII. If you're teaching in the August workshops, today and next week are perfect times to talk about the lessons and coordinate with your co-instructors.

Also, Plato helpfully reminded me that the Carpentries expect instructors to complete their certification checkouts within 3 months. For people who attended the training this year, that date is 8/22 which is right around the corner. You can ask for an extension but you must do so before 8/22.

I see that teaching demo time slots are mostly full up through 9/3 (and I also see a lot of you in those time slots too which is great) so if you have not scheduled a demo, you should email the Carpentries today with when you expect to be able to finish your checkout. (See checkout page below for address.)

If there is anything I or any of the other instructors on campus can do to help you finish, please let us know.

I hope to see you this evening!

Matthew Collins
Technical Operations Manager
Advanced Computing and Information Systems Lab, ECE
University of Florida