Welcome everyone to the list! Here's a summary of what activities are taking place and opportunities for you to participate. You are welcome to add to this list. I have been the one taking the lead in choosing workshop dates historically but if you have ideas for what you want to do, please share them. We now have a rich community here and we have the capacity to start thinking about the next level of refinements.

May 22-23 - UF Instructor training #2

Kari Jordan is coming up from Orlando to teach and Francois (who is hoping to go on to instructor training himself) and I are helping with the second Carpentries instructor training here at the UFII. The workshop is full and (3) people from FSU are coming to help kick-start their programs there.


May 22 - Lunch-time Social @ UFII

I'd like to invite everyone to join the new instructor trainees for lunch at the UFII on May 22nd at noon. We will take a 1.5 hour break to give everyone an opportunity to meet and talk. Food will be provided. I will send a separate announcement again closer to the date but please feel free to RSVP to me ([log in to unmask]) any time.

May 24-25 - Python Software Carpentry at UFII

Following the instructor training, Shawn is going to host a Software Carpentry with the hope that new instructors will come be assistants at a workshop while everything is fresh in their minds. Registration is not open yet but if you would like to instruct or help, please let Shawn ([log in to unmask]) know.


August 14-18 - Software/Data Carpentry Extravaganza (To be planned)

During the recent meeting between representatives of the UF Carpentries community, UFII, and the libraries, we discussed doing a large pre-semester boot camp type training event and pitching it to departments as a way to prepare their students. A side goal of this would be to get more support and buy-in from entities like departments and colleges instead of the existing support we have of individuals. This would give us access to more funding to continue to support this program.

We need to discuss how many workshops, when, which ones, who to market them to, and start planning such an event if  we want it to happen. Please reply to the list if you're interested in working on this, perhaps as a new thread. You can also email me directly ([log in to unmask]) if you prefer.


October 30-31 - Data Carpentry for iDigBio Summit at UFII

iDigBio is hosting its annual summit in Gainesville and we would like to run a Data Carpentry with the up-coming natural history lesson for attendees before the summit. We will be looking for instructors and helpers for this event. Registration preference will be given to iDigBio-affiliated people but there may be seats open for local attendees. Planning hasn't started yet and I will ask for instructors during the fall but mark you calendars if you are interested.

November 1-3 - "Building a Carpentries Community" talk at the iDigBio Summit

There will tentatively be a talk on our experiences building a Carpentries community given a the the iDigBio summit to PIs and project leaders. Anyone interested in participating is welcome to email me ([log in to unmask]).

January 2018 - Placeholder for another workshop

We've traditionally done a workshop at the beginning of each semester.

March 20-21, 2018 - Software/Data Carpentry workshop requested

Plato Smith has asked if we can conduct a workshop in coordination with the UF Libraries' "1st Enabling Data Discovery, Reproducibility, and Sustainability for Future Use Symposium" and the UFII Annual Symposium. Plato would like confirmation that there is interest in running this workshop as soon as possible since they are scheduling multiple sequential events. I think responding to the list if you are able to help plan, host, or instruct at an event on these days would be best so everyone can come to a consensus on whether we can do this.

Matthew Collins
Technical Operations Manager
Advanced Computing and Information Systems Lab, ECE
University of Florida