The UF Carpentry club is organizing our workshop calendar for the spring 2018 semester. We have many opportunities for you to become involved. We currently have scheduled 2 workshops and we are looking for organizers, helpers, and instructors to volunteer:

Jan 22-23 - Software Carpentry, need organizer, (2) instructors, helpers
Mar 20-21 - Data Carpentry, need (1) instructor, helpers

There will also be a workshop that is being taught in 7 weekly sections on Thursdays from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. Justin is looking for additional people to teach and help at one or more of these sessions. This multi-week workshop is an official R Ecology Data Carpentry and is being organized and ushered by certified instructors. This is a great opportunity to get started teaching with a smaller time commitment:

Jan 18 - Intro to R
Jan 26 - Spreadsheets
Feb 1 - Starting with Data
Feb 8 - Manipulating Dataframes 
Feb 15 - Visualizing Data
Feb 22 - dplyr Joins
Mar 1 - OpenRefine

Please email myself or Justin Millar ([log in to unmask]) if you are interested in joining any of these efforts.

We also have plans for an instructor training and a follow-up Software Carpentry in February but we have not finalized the dates yet. We are starting to discuss a summer workshop at the Fort Lauderdale Education and Research Center as well as putting together a week of workshops in August before classes start. These workshops will be advertised on this list. If you know of anyone who would like become involved in teaching, please invite them to join this list:

Happy holidays!

Matthew Collins
Technical Operations Manager
Advanced Computing and Information Systems Lab, ECE
University of Florida