Hi Matt,

I would appreciate being a helper for at least one workshop. I've never attended one of the two-day workshops and would like to get my feet wet. 


On Friday, July 7, 2017, Matthew Collins [log in to unmask] wrote:
Happy Friday everyone,

We have been talking about organizing Carpentry workshops before classes start in August during the week of 14th - 18th. Let's start planning! We have booked the UFII on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. (Thursday they have a conflict.) We can book the Marston L134 room on Monday and Tuesday too.

1. Who would like to organize a workshop? Can we do (3)? If so, which ones do you want to organize?

2. Who would like to be an instructor at a workshop? What would you like to teach?

3. Who would like to be a helper?

4. Who would like help approach instructors and departments on campus to discuss with them if they would like to financially support these workshops?

Please reply on list if you're comfortable doing so.

(Where are we going with this? I think we need to start an official Carpentries Club for UF, we need to help the UFII put together a web site that helps people learn about all the informatics opportunities at UF, we need to fund someone to organize workshops and coordinate efforts, and we need to ask departments to provide funding for Carpentries membership costs and training. If this path sounds of interest to you, working on the August event push is where we can start.)

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