I'd be interested in hearing more about the Sloan Foundation and their funding processes...


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Subject: Re: Sloan Grant - Data & computational Research track

On 08/23/2017 04:00 PM, Smith, Plato wrote:

 Is anyone interested in exploring a Sloan Grant for the Data & Computational Research track to further develop Carpentries @ UF data skills across multiple disciplines?

Both Software and Data Carpentry have had direct support through this program in the past and Data Carpentry is in the later rounds of the process for additional support to develop new material. That may make it more difficult to get UF focused Carpentries money, so I think any proposal would need to make a strong case for what large scale change it would bring to this sort of training or how it is run.

I know the program director for this program and am happy to chat about how things work at Sloan if folks are interested.