I'm a new postdoc with the Weecology group at UF and figured it was about time to formally introduce myself.

My technical background is mainly in time series and dynamic systems, and my research focuses on understand ecosystems from that perspective: e.g. modeling species interactions, forecasting, trying to disentangle factors that contribute to persistence, resilience, stability, etc.

I mainly use R, but occasionally dive into C++ (I maintain an R package on CRAN that is mostly C++ with some Rcpp bindings). I've been a longtime admin for the R Users Group at my previous institution and have contributed to workshops and teaching materials for various forms of data science, data visualization, and reproducible research.

Somehow I always seem to be at the wrong spacetime coordinates for Software/Data Carpentry instructor training, but I heard it might be offered at UF in the spring and wanted to make sure I was added to the waiting list for that.

Do feel free to get in touch by email or twitter (@hao_and_y) if you want to chat!

Hao Ye