Gainesville DevOps will be hosting Derek Helmick (@derekhelmick) to talk
about best practices and recent updates to HashiCorp's Terraform on April
26th, at StarterSpace.

Whether you use AWS, VMware, or any other cloud hosting -- Terraform allows
you to define all of your infrastructure in a high level language, and then
build it. Even if you aren't using Terraform, we'll talk about
infrastructure as code, DevOps, and the cloud.

Derek Helmick is a Systems Engineer at Foghorn Consulting. He likes to
automate all of the things. Tell him about a cool vim plugin, your Go
project, or some clever thing you're doing with AWS. He has a strong stance
about the constituent parts of a martini.

This event is generously hosted by Starter Space (
StarterSpace is a community for creators, artists, and entrepreneurs. Check
them out at

Location: 106 Southwest 6th Street, Gainesville, FL. Park in the back lot
on 7th Street across from Ayers Plaza; we're next to Fracture and across
6th Street from Sharpspring.

Hope to see you there!

Martin B. Smith
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