I have used namecheap since registering my first personal domain name years and years ago, I have no complaints.

- Dan Stoner

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Subject: Re: Registars you like?

Allen Rout wrote:

> I just got bit by some expletive expunged dark patterns at
>, and I'm sick of it.  I want to host my names with a
> service provider that doesn't set me a game of gotcha every time I
> interact with their cart.   Who do you like?

I switched to namecheap's FreeDNS when my previous DNS host started
playing dirty tricks.  Later when I had a problem, I used their "live
chat support" button, and got someone who almost immediately understood
my description of the problem, and quickly figured out how to fix it.

What a shock!

I haven't used any of their paid services, but I intend to, the next
time I need to register or renew a domain.

-- Robert