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I have access to the Facebook group for it, but I think most of the active students had left. We still advertise meetings on it, and get students from time to time. But there's nothing student led as far as I'm aware.

- Martin

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There used to be a student run group.  Are the kids not attending old-school gatorlug anymore?

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Is there an undergraduate linux club at UF? I searched the clubs on
Gator Connect so I'm guessing the answer is no, in which case the
question would be: do you know any undergraduates interested in
beginning one?

Where I went to grad school there was an undergraduate Linux club, and
the main activity was having (and advertising for) an "install fest" two
times a year. The install fest was targeted towards undergraduates who
had heard of Linux and were curious about it but a little intimidated.
Experienced Linux users would meet and help them install Linux as part
of a dual boot, a virtual box, or as the sole operating system. And then
we would help them get started on the basics and fix a couple of things
(e.g. if their WIFI card is not very Linux-friendly) to get them off
running. We would also provide free pizza, which I think was actually
important for the event to be successful.

Anything like that around UF? I would be happy to show up twice a year
at a similar event. I think it would only be successful if it were lead
by passionate undergraduates. As long as that is the case, I'm sure we
could find enough experienced Linux users to help out.


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