Date:       January 23, 2017

To:          All UF Graduate Coordinators and Staff

Cc:          All UF Graduate Deans, Associate Deans, School Directors and Department Chairs

From:      UF Graduate School

RE:          Spring 2017 New Graduate Student Import Into GIMS

The Graduate School has imported new graduate students enrolled in Spring 2017 into GIMS. All these new students should be now present on the *Active Students* list under Department Data. Please log into GIMS, and go to the *Active Students* list under Department Data to see if they show up there.

If they do NOT show up there, navigate to the Discrepancies section under Department, and pull up a Report called “Degree Programs Not Specified in GIMS”. Click on each UFID on the list and select a degree program for the student. This is a required step on your part so that the student will be listed in your *Active Students* list under Department Data.

During this process, if you do not find a student that you expect to find even in the Discrepancy Report mentioned above, please go to another Discrepancy Report called *Students skipped from Spring 2017 import* and look for your student in that report. You will see ALL the students that were skipped from the import, not just your students. We are now working with the Office of Admissions and the Office of the Registrar to resolve issues with those specific student records. As the issues get resolved, those students will be imported into GIMS on the next day.

Please email [log in to unmask] if you have questions.