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the following CFP may be of interest to those doing work on networked innovation within diverse organizations and communities. 

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Call for Papers

 Special Issue: “International Migration and Innovation: Implications for Human Development"

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 Please submit a paper abstract of max. 250 words to [log in to unmask] by January 31, 2017.

 Invited papers will be notified by February 6, 2017

 Final Paper deadline – April 30, 2017

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Special Issue Information

International migration is a key driver of social change in both sending and receiving countries. In an intensely global age, the products of migration-driven social change are ubiquitous. Our global cities are ones in which cultural, linguistic, and economic contact among immigrants and the native-born has led to the development of inventive practices, products and social formations. From Afro-Celt music, to Spanglish, to immigrant entrepreneur led tech firms like Google, innovation inevitably follows the cross-border movement of people. Innovation is a key mechanism by which international migration enhances human development.

This Special Issue will provide an interdisciplinary forum for scholars to explore the relationship between international migration and innovation. Innovation is defined as the novel application of ideas and practices that contribute to positive change in an environment. Given the role that innovation plays in economic competitiveness and growth, the term has special relevance in the fields of economic development, organizational studies, and product development. Here, we focus on the consequences of international migration and innovation for human development (e.g. health, education, opportunity, flourishing). Among the questions to explore in this issue are:

•    In what ways has migration-driven innovation improved people’s well-being and their ability to lead creative and productive lives? 
•    What current innovative practices, processes, social arrangements, and artistic forms can be traced to immigrants or immigrant communities? 
•    Under what conditions does international migration contribute to innovation in sending and receiving societies?
•    What role can public policy play in enhancing the human development potential of migration-driven innovation?
•    Who are the actors that drive innovation in the context of international migration?