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Hi Everyone,

We have two NxN connectivity matrices that define weighted, directional interactions among the same set of N nodes under two different conditions, A and B. Since the interactions are directional, our connectivity matrices, while being square, are asymmetric.

We want to identify the interactions that are significantly different between the two conditions.  That is, how do the nodes talk to each other under condition A that do not do under condition B?  Of course, we want to do more than just calculating the difference between the two matrices. For one thing, we know that if the matrices are symmetrical, there are toolkits for comparing them.

But we're not sure how to compare our asymmetric matrices. Any ideas about (1) how to do it, and (2) any toolkits that implement the solution?

Thank you very much,

Jay Hegdé PhD
Medical College of Georgia
Augusta University (formerly Georgia Regents University)
Augusta, GA 30912-2697

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