GBS350 Spring Workshop Root Cause Analysis (click the link below to register in myTraining)


GBAS Spring Workshop 2017

February 7, 2017 from 8:30am to 11:30am

HRS Room 120


“Gone Fishin’:  Root Cause Analysis Training”

You need to find the opportunities for success, but don’t know where to start.  You brainstorm but continue to miss the bull’s eye. You are spending too much time focusing on the symptom and not the cause.  


The GBAS workshop brings a hands-on encounter to participants using best practices tools for inclusive and effective problem solving and decision making. We use a UF-based case study to “bring home” your experience. You will have an opportunity to apply the tools in “UF real time” with your colleagues in this highly interactive workshop. Participants will brainstorm issues and prioritize them so that you can focus uncovering on the right solutions. Then we take you on a “FISHING TRIP” using the root cause analytical diagram.


Implementing your business solutions doesn’t come without a price or time investment, so you will also learn how to weigh the risks of your solutions and/or counter measures identified as you consider your next steps. 


Registration is currently open in myTraining (GBS350 GBAS Workshop – Root Cause Analysis) and will close on January 24. The workshop can accommodate ~60 people.




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Gwynn Cadwallader, M.S.Ed.

GBAS Training Manager

UF Human Resource Services

Training & Organizational Development


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