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A patch to UFIRST was integrated on Friday evening. This following updates were made:


1)      An improvement to the temporary/advance release process- Previously UFIRST did not allow for the release of an allocation with zero sponsored authorized dollars. In the scenario of a temporary/advance release we are releasing budget with zero sponsor authorized dollars. To better reflect this reality, we have upgraded UFIRST to allow for the release of an allocation with $0 showing in the sponsor authorized field. UFIRST will generate a warning, but it will still allow the award to move forward for release.

2)      If an allocation is not selected for release UFIRST will not allow the sponsor authorized field to be completed.

3)      As a direct response to campus feedback, modifications for budget transfers within the same project will now bypass DSP Review and go directly to C&G. This is more reflective of the previous budget transfer process and will result in more efficient processing.

4)      Wording of the first question within the Create Allocation pop-up window has been updated. This question functions exactly as it previously did, however the wording has been updated to better convey how this relates to reporting.

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5)      The salary cap of a prime sponsor, not just the direct sponsor, will now populate in the personnel budget grid of the award if such a salary cap exists.

6)      The “Send Award Compliance Reminder” activity is now available to all administrators in a department, not just the primary unit contact.

7)      PIs will no longer receive notifications to complete the Award Compliance and FCOI Certification activities if the PI completed an ACF form during the time of award negotiation. Attached is an instructional guide which DSP staff will refer to that explains how and why the ACF and Bypass Compliance Activities should be utilized.


If there are any questions, please email [log in to unmask] or call us at 352-392-9267.


Adrienne J. Aviles

Sponsor Programs Manager, IFAS & Engineering Team Lead

University of Florida

Division of Sponsored Programs

207 Grinter Hall

Gainesville, Florida 32611

(352) 392-3926