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Organized session at the 3rd European Conference on Social Networks (EUSN) at Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, 26.-29. September 2017
Call for Presentations
"Networks in Archaeology and History"
Over the last decades, network analysis has made its way from a fringe theory to an established methodology in archaeological and historical research that goes beyond a purely metaphorical use of the network term. A substantial number of studies on different topics and periods have shown that network theories and methods derived from other disciplines (e.g. sociology, economics, physics) can be fruitfully applied to selected bodies of historical and archaeological sources. Yet in many of these initial studies, important methodological concerns regarding the underlying sources, missing data, data standardization and representation of networks in space and time have not been adequately acknowledged and sometimes even completely neglected.
In recent years, archeologists and historians – often in collaboration and in exchange with scholars from other disciplines – have taken on the challenge to address these methodological concerns and to adapt and refine network methods and network theory for archaeological and historical research. The aim of this session is to further develop such transdisciplinary collaboration between historians, archaeologists and the EUSN research community.
The session invites contributions from researchers applying methods of formal network analysis in archaeological or historical research. A special emphasis of the session will be on the unique challenges that arise in the domain-specific application of these research methods. We welcome submissions on any period, geographical area or topic. The authors may be historians or archaeologists as well as scholars from other disciplines working with historical or archeological data.
Abstract submission:
Please hand in your abstract via the conference website (http://www.eusn2017.uni-mainz.de/) and indicate the name of the session: "Networks in Archaeology and History".                                                                                            Abstract submission deadline is March 31st.
Session organizers:
Aline Deicke (Academy of Sciences and Literature | Mainz)
Martin Stark (ILS Research Institute, Aachen)
Marten Düring (University of Luxembourg)
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