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For those planning to attend ICWSM, please consider submitting to and
participating in our half-day workshop focusing on the interplay between
human perception and social media systems! Details below-

*Call for Contributions & Participation for a (Half-Day) **Workshop on
Perceptual Biases and Social Media (PBSM'17)*
Montreal, Canada, May 15th, 2017

PBSM'17 will be held the day prior to the start of the 11th International
AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media (

*Keynote Speakers: *Alice Marwick and Christo Wilson

*Deadline for submissions: *March 8th, 2017

*Website: ** <>*

*Conference Email (questions & submissions): *[log in to unmask]

*Organizers:* Nir Grinberg, Kenneth Joseph & Brooke Foucault Welles


Recent demonstrations of racial, religious and gender bias in the United
States have drawn public attention to stereotyping and discrimination in
American society and its institutions. However, stereotyping and prejudice
are only two examples of how our perceptual biases impact behavior.
Confirmation bias, bias in media coverage of events and preferential
attachment are all examples of perceptual biases that shape social
processes like the creation of echo chambers and discriminatory behaviors.
The emergence of social media as a prominent medium for human communication
has the potential to provide a new lens for studying the relationship
between perceptual biases and social processes, and the role social media
plays in affecting this relationship.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together those interested in studying
how social media systems and perceptual biases co-evolve, and to produce a
position paper that outlines what existing research has shown and where new
research could improve our understanding. We purposely leave the definition
of perceptual bias broad, as the way a person (or institution) constructs
its reality. We do so in order to address a variety of possible biases,
from those that impact hiring practices of social media companies to those
that play a role in social interaction.


We seek submissions that will contribute to the creation of the final
position paper with respect to the four themes of the conference (more
information about each can be found on the website):

1. What are the key perceptual biases (e.g. stereotypes, ideologies,
expectations) that impact social media systems?
2. How do social media systems impact perceptual biases and how do the
biases shape social media systems?
3. How can social media data be used to complement existing methodologies
(e.g. survey, lab experiments) for measuring specific perceptual biases?
4. How can social media platforms be designed to reduce bias, if possible,
in cases where it is undesirable?

All submissions should be one page or less and should contain two parts:

1. A brief outline of three perceptual biases that impact the way one or
more social media systems are used and/or that are impacted by the use of
social media

2. A brief sketch of a potential project or an existing work that addresses
themes 2, 3 or 4 from above with respect to one or more social media

Please send your submissions to [log in to unmask] The deadline for
submissions is March 8th at 8PM EST. The final position paper will be
published in a venue chosen by workshop participants, and everyone who
makes a submission and attends the workshop will be invited as a
contributing author to the position paper.


The workshop will include keynote talks by Dr. Alice Marwick and Dr.
Christo Wilson. It will also include break out sessions to construct
sections for the final position paper and time for general discussion. See
the website for more details!

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