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We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished with *Applied Network Science
<>* in just our first year, and we
wanted to share with you some articles that we selected as being of
particular interest.

And when you’d like to consider *Applied Network Science* for your *own* work,
you’ll find the submission guidelines *here*

*Hand-selected articles from our first year.*

And you’ll find *all* of our current articles *here

This new journal is a high-quality, strictly peer reviewed, open access
journal based on novel or anticipated applications of network sciences, on
related techniques that may be used in applications of complex network
methodologies, and on innovative modeling approaches that will enhance
specific applications and lead to more widespread use of network science

We look forward to reading your work.

*Hocine Cherifi, Université Bourgogne, Dijon Cedex, FranceRonaldo Menezes,
Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne,
FloridaEditors-in-Chief, Applied Network Science*


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