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Dear all, please consider submitting a paper to the corporate networks track at EUSN2017!

Call for Papers, Organized session on 
Corporate Networks across the Globe 
at the Third European Conference on Social Networks (EUSN2017) Mainz, 26 - 29 September 2017 www.eusn.org

We would like to encourage you to submit abstracts for paper presentations for the Corporate Networks track at the Third European Conference on Social Networks:

Corporate  networks  are  among  the  most  studied  social  networks,  being  used  both  as  a  method  for  tracing  the power  structure  of  capitalist societies  and  as  a causal  factor  in  explaining  the behavior  of  corporate  elites.  This track  brings  together  scholarly  work  from  around  the  globe  to  investigate  corporate  networks,  with  particular interest  in  networks  at  the  level  of  corporate  governance:  interlocking  directorates,  ownership,  and  corporate policy networks. The papers examine the political, economic and sociological consequences of the network ties and/or treat network ties as a phenomenon to be explained, visualized or set in historical perspective. While the track  is  focused  analytically  on  corporate  networks,  the  national  and  regional  contexts  in  which  the proposed  papers  examine  these  networks  vary  greatly.  This provides  a  rich  opportunity  for  cross-national  comparative thinking across papers and sessions, within our track.

Deadline for paper and poster abstract submissions is March 31. Please find more details regarding the submission and registration procedure below. 

Session organizers (do not hesitate to contact us!) 

Joshua Murray (Vanderbilt University)  [log in to unmask]
Eelke Heemskerk (University of Amsterdam) [log in to unmask]

Some papers may consider the related organized session on 'Methodological Advances in the Study of Corporate Networks Fracturing and Concentration'


1. Visit our website http://www.eusn2017.uni-mainz.de/abstract-submission/
2. Register via the CONVERIA conference management tool ("sign up for an account", if you donīt have one) and log in.
3. Click on the "New submission" link and fill out the form. Make sure you enter all required information:
  *   State the title of your presentation and select the Corporate Networks across the Globe session. 
  *   Insert an abstract of max. 500 words. All abstracts (and presentations) must be in English.
  *   State the full name, institution and contact information of all authors

Abstract submissions are due by March 31. After this date, no abstracts will be accepted. You will receive a receipt of your submission by e-mail. Please note that we can only allow two submissions per person.

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