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I'm posting the following request for assistance on behalf of a research group at Johns Hopkins.

Ian McCulloh

    Hello network-savvy, research-loving person!

    Would you complete a web-based survey for a study on how people interpret
    node-link social network graphs?

    Alternately, you can take it through an Amazon mTurk account and get paid

    In this study you'll be asked to make a decision about a person of
    interest in 36 social network graphs. The study is about how people use
    visual graph information to make decisions. No quantitative graph analysis
    is needed, (or possible) we want your judgment based on visual
    interpretation. We can use partial data if 36 graphs is too much!

    If you want to complete this task on Amazon Mechanical Turk, search for a
    HIT called 'Link Analysis INVITATION ONLY, PASSWORD REQUIRED', or search
    for the requestor 'JHU-APL BeHAVE Lab', keyword 'social network analysis'

    you'll need this password: graphs4U

    Thank you for participating!

    COG research team at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab

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