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The Amazon Dams Network ( will be hosting a visit by Dr. Angela Livino from EPE (EMPRESA DE PESQUISA ENERG√ČTICA - BRAZIL) on Monday 2/27/17. Dr. Livino is an Advisor to the CEO at EPE and a Doctoral Fellow (2012/2013) in the Sustainability Science Program at Harvard. Dr. Livino will give a seminar and discussion on understanding the sustainability of hydropower development in Brazil. Details below; please join us for an interesting talk and lively discussion.  


WHAT: Seminar - Sustainable Hydroelectric Development in Energy Planning: A Discussion


WHO: Dr. Angela Livino, advisor to the CEO at EPE (EMPRESA DE PESQUISA ENERG√ČTICA - BRAZIL) and Doctoral Fellow (2012/2013) in the Sustainability Science Program at Harvard University 


WHEN/WHERE: Monday, 2/27/17 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM, 404 Grinter Hall


If you are interested in joining us for lunch or meeting with Dr. Livino in the afternoon, please email me ([log in to unmask]) to coordinate. 






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