You are invited to attend Dr. Irene Velez-Torres’ seminar on “Community Science for Environmental Justice in Colombia”. Dr. Velez-Torres is a professor at Universidad del Valle, Colombia in the School of Natural Resources and Environmental Engineering.


Dr. Velez-Torres works on critical analysis of socio-environmental conflicts, ethnic inequality, and community assessment of contamination in Colombia. She has explored participatory and interdisciplinary methodologies to create knowledge valuable for communities as well as academia.


This seminar is the keynote address in one-day seminar series for UF faculty, students and staff centered around the theme of environmental/public health issues related to mercury. Dr. Velez-Torres’ visit is co-sponsored by the UF Water Institute.


Monday, February 27

10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Frazier Rogers Hall – room 122


             The attached flyer contains more information and an agenda for her 2-day visit.


Young boy at his elementary school in La Toma, Alto Cauca during a two-way community information exchange related to mercury toxicity from mining. Ionic mercury in contact water and drinking water can be as high as 1000μg/L in the waterbodies near the school.