Hello BESTers,

An interesting article I came across this week.  Researchers at the 
Ohio State University are looking into using egg shell and tomato skins 
in the manufacturing of car tire.  They are experimenting with using 
these food manufacturing by-products as a replacement for 
petroleum-derived carbon black, which acts as a filler in tires.  By 
using a food waste, not only is the use of carbon black decreased, but 
they are obtaining a beneficial use from what would otherwise go to 
waste.  While this surely won't solve all our food waste dilemmas, I 
always find it incredibly interesting what new research is out there on 
using food waste products.

Have a great weekend,


Walk On Eggshells? Nah. But You May Soon Be Driving On Them, Thanks To 
Food Waste Tires
Dan Nosowitz
Modern Farmer
March 17, 2017