Hi Heidi,

We do a two-part interview.  In the first part, candidates meet with a small group of current tutors, which involves a mock tutoring session.  After that, the candidate is walked over to the next room, where they meet with the supervisory staff.  We do interviews back to back for a couple of days, usually seeing 8-10 candidates per day (these are LONG days!).  After the morning interviews, the supervisory staff meets with the tutor selection committee and we compare notes on each candidate.  Then we break for lunch and do the same thing again in the afternoon.  Obviously the candidates have not yet been trained, so we're really just looking for good instincts, solid content knowledge, good interpersonal skills, etc.  It works well for us, and the tutors themselves enjoy doing it.  I'm attaching our handbook for tutors who serve on the committee.


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Hi all,

I often have students apply to tutor courses they have taken at another college. They typically want to tutor for the courses they have taken here as well as the courses taken elsewhere. Within the application is a place for faculty to sign them off for the classes they have taken here. How do you go about approving them to tutor classes taken elsewhere? Do you look at their transcript? Have them meet with faculty?
Also, what does your interview process look like? Currently, I interview them. I'm wanting to incorporate a mock tutoring session into the interview. do any of you do that?

Thank you!

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