Our office has a jar full of study tips on brightly colored slips of paper (see attached photo).  They include such tips as “Read your syllabus carefully, even if it’s long.  Highlight important dates and policies that will affect you,”  “Make good use of time between classes; get in the habit of going to the library or another quiet place on campus, rather than returning to your residence hall room or going home,”  “Vary your study tasks to avoid doing one type of activity for a long stretch.  For example, read Sociology, then work on an English paper, and then do Chemistry problems,” and  “After you finish reading a chapter, write a summary of the key points.”


You could fill a container with study tips and ask each student to pick one.  In small groups, students could share their tip and comment on whether it’s something they already do, something they may need to work on as they transition to college, and why it would be useful.  You might even ask students to write their own study tip to add to the container and explain why their tip would be helpful.  This activity could serve as an introduction to how your office can help students as they transition to college.


Contact me off-list if you’d like me to share our full list of study tips. 


Ms. Sharon Green

Coordinator, Instructional Services

Office of Academic Support

Niagara University

Seton Hall, 1st floor

P. O. Box 1915

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Subject: New Student Orientations - Library & Learning Support Tours/Activities


Hi, everyone! 


Our college currently offers new student orientations that include time for a half-hour tour of our library and learning support services (ie. Writing Center, Math Lab, Testing Center, Supplemental Instruction, Tutoring, etc.). What are some fun, interactive activities that we could facilitate during this half-hour slot to engage new students and familiarize them with our services? We are trying not to talk at them for the whole time, and since the space is not that spread out, a tour is relatively quick. I appreciate any ideas or suggestions you might use!




Danielle Petersen

Learning Services Coordinator

Mid Michigan Community College 

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