Hi Danielle,


One thing I always try to do is ask about students’  majors near the start so that I can personalize the session, which can be as simple as noting that we offer a tutor for that major or pointing out a specific tutor for a popular course many of the students are taking as we walk through our space.


We used to offer free tutoring, which was a draw, but now I explain that students can still use our printer for a limited number of pages they need to meet with a tutor if they arrive a little early.


Our most “interactive” section, if the faculty are agreeable, is encouraging each student to make their first appointment while on the tour.  We offer a card stamping system wherein six visits with an anonymous electronic survey completed each time enters the student in a drawing for a prize (e.g., Netflix subscription, all-in-one printer/copier/fax machine, or Kindle).  During tours, we will give new students a new card with their first stamp for free.  We also try to give out a flyer with our hours of operation, summation of main services, and information on ways to make an appointment.


PS  At the end of the making an appointment section, we let students know how they can cancel the appointment as well if they don’t think they’ll be able to attend or are not interested in one at this time so they’re not counted as a no show.




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Hi, everyone! 


Our college currently offers new student orientations that include time for a half-hour tour of our library and learning support services (ie. Writing Center, Math Lab, Testing Center, Supplemental Instruction, Tutoring, etc.). What are some fun, interactive activities that we could facilitate during this half-hour slot to engage new students and familiarize them with our services? We are trying not to talk at them for the whole time, and since the space is not that spread out, a tour is relatively quick. I appreciate any ideas or suggestions you might use!




Danielle Petersen

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Mid Michigan Community College 

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