We use a whole lot of paper in peer tutoring. Our tutors fill out a summary for every tutoring session they hold. We also have several evaluations that students and tutors complete throughout the semester. In addition, when students request a peer tutor, several pieces of paper are used for the tutor request process, as well. We’ve tried offering that process through our Blackboard Community, with some success. But, I would say over half of the students complete the request through the paper method…. So they seem to prefer it.


I would like to move to using Google forms (or some other similar platform) as much as I can, to reduce paper waste. I can easily do that for some things… but if I want to do that for tutoring session paper work, it would require tutors to check out a laptop from the center for every tutoring session. Maybe it would be worth it… because it would also help eliminate some of the time it takes ME to enter that data into the computer later. However, may also be that the surveys might be ignored if it comes to them in their email later via Google Forms rather than a paper they are asked to fill out before they leave the tutoring center.


All that to say, anyone who has found successful ways to deal with reducing paper use, while still collecting valuable data, please share your methods!




Kelly Askey-Lodes

Peer Tutoring & Study Skills Development Program Supervisor




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