Hello all,


I am working to guide my institution’s Tutoring Center’s training program towards CRLA’s ITTPC certification. This coming Fall we are expanding our pre-semester student worker orientation to a full day of training. I am really excited about this because it will mean that we can begin to meet more of the CRLA requirements.


My question for those of you who have CRLA certified centers is: what do you do with Tutors who are hired in the middle of the semester? I typically hire a few Tutors right after the semester begins and then throughout the semester as needs arise. These Tutors get a condensed one-on-one training session with me which lasts about an hour and a half. They then complete several training modules on their own before beginning to see students. These Tutors are missing out on valuable interactive training pieces, and they aren’t getting the minimum 6 hours of live, trainer-supervised training that CRLA requires.


I am curious what others are doing to address this? Or does everyone have a full staff from day one?


As always, I appreciate your insight! Thanks!


Samantha Campa

Academic Support Advisor

Iowa Western Community College

STC 2038

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