Would anyone mind sharing their prospective tutor interview questions with me? My email address: [log in to unmask]




Meredith Garrett, MS

Director, Learning Enrichment and Assistance Program

Instructor, University 111

Doctoral Candidate, GWU School of Education

Tucker Student Center- Student Success Suite (3rd floor)

P (704) 406-4562  |  F (704) 406-2335|  

[log in to unmask]" alt="https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/Lxmr8KDJlPD2JJrQW2JCTBlOO9ln_ewGsmNqC1OJEMT7kjCZbAExOtfKR45rKkRxs9WeJfb9BVGlROklg_7XnDEw0lgolNnlGnHnRu9gg__fE1VoOPjYoWw2IQ">


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