My college is interested in transitioning to an integrated reading-writing (IRW) program for developmental English classes. Currently, our reading and writing programs are totally separate. Before we make the transition, we'd like to learn from the experiences of other community colleges that have already made such a transition. To do so, I am conducting a research project...

If you're a faculty member or administrator at a community college or open-admissions college, and you were closely involved in making the transition to IRW, I'd like to interview you as part of this project. Interviews are 60--90 minutes (phone or F2F), and will mostly focus on how your institution managed issues of student placement for IRW, faculty credentials to teach IRW, and professional development for faculty.

If you are interested and available to talk over the next couple weeks, please contact [log in to unmask]. I would love to learn from you!

Dan Roth

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