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Registration for the CASOS Summer Institute June 4-9, 2017 is now open.

This one week training program provides and intense and hands-on 
introduction to network analytics and visualization from a combined 
social-network and network-science perspective. Particular attention 
will be paid to the application of the associated techniques and 
theories to complex socio-technical systems, social media analytics, 
dynamic networks and geo-spatial networks.Attendees will learn to:

extract networks from texts, JSON files (e.g., news and tweets), or 
analyze and visualize networks using one-mode, two-mode, and n-mode metrics;
identify groups and clusters;
examine networks spatially;
examine overtime networks and explore dynamic aspects of these networks;
and simulate change in networks and the diffusion/dispersion of 
information and beliefs through networks.

Details and registration are at:

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