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what I can also recommend is visone (https://visone.info/).

You can layout bipartite networks by the "status" or "centrality" layout options, picking the partition as status or centrality indicator, respectively.

  • "Status layout" will give you the usual (vertical rows) bipartite layout.

  • "Centrality layout" is more unusual (and can be messy for some data sets - but very nice for others), putting one mode's nodes on an inner circle and another mode's on an outer circle.

I do not know what the exact algorithms are used for optimising the location on rows or circles, probably stress minimisation, consulting the webpage will help.

Best, Christian

On 3/14/2017 9:59 PM, William Roy wrote:
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Can anyone suggest software to plot bipartite networks with each mode presented vertically, one down the right side (with labels) and one down the left side (with labels), linked by lines, with the number of crossing lines minimized by the software?  Thank you.






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