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I’m a doctoral student and was awarded an NSF Sociology dissertation improvement grant for my research involving a whole network analysis of residents in an assisted living facility.  One of the requirements of the funding is to make the data publicly available, so I did quite a bit of looking for a good repository for the data.  I found that there are repositories are that network focused, but they weren’t a good fit for my small social science dataset with sensitive health-related information.  The social science/gerontology repositories didn’t seem to be a good fit for network data. 


From that perspective, I think it would be wonderful to have an SNA-focused repository with professional curation.  A plug for us students – it would be super to have a sliding curation fee for students.


Best wishes on this project,


Rebecca Mauldin, MSW

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I think this is a wonderful idea. I personally don't see any harm in duplication of effort here and certainly not when it's being managed by a professional. Heretofore, the collections I can think of have all been hobby level or somewhat separate from core research data archives. Obviously this isn't to knock the Koblenz collection, various GitHub repositories, or other sites like Jure's collection of massive data sets. But there's also a place for more secure data storage and retrieval, considering the sensitivity of the data. This is different from putting up fully anonymised versions of some now-classic data.

I suspect most of what is required is simply will and marketing.

I doubt many people here would say "don't do it". But I think a lot of people would forget it exists if it's not repeatedly mentioned either here or at conferences. If you're willing to promote this data archive and help steer the submission of data I'm sure it would be a solid contribution. In a longer term, it would be nice to see more industrial-strength means for submitting data associated with papers so others can replicate findings. Again, maybe it already exists for SNA somewhere and I missed it. But even if so, I'm happy to be reminded and happy to see more effort in data access, even if it's ever so slightly redundant.

Take care,

Bernie Hogan, PhD
Research Fellow, Oxford Internet Institute
Faculty Fellow, Alan Turing Institute
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Hi Simon,


Do you know “The Koblenz Network Collection” (KONECT)?




Unfortunately they don’t provide node (or any?) labels.








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