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Dear colleagues

If you’re working on any type and aspect of political networks, please
consider submitting a paper proposal to the EUSN European Conference on
Social Networks <>  (Mainz, September 26-29
2017). The session’s abstract can be found here
>  (p.17). 

Please submit your abstract before March 31 2017 here
<> . And
please spread the word in your networks!


Hope to see many of you there! Best, Manuel




ischer/show/> Manuel Fischer, PhD


Department of Environmental Social Sciences (ESS)

Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag)


New publications: 

Fischer, Manuel, and Isabelle Schläpfer (2017). Metagovernance and policy
forum outputs in Swiss environmental policy.
<> Environmental Politics. 

Weible, Christopher, Tanya Heikkila, Karin Ingold, and Manuel Fischer
(2016).  <> Policy Debates on
Hydraulic Fracturing. 

Fischer, Manuel (2016). Institutions and policy networks in Europe.
/oxfordhb-9780190228217-e-36> Oxford Handbook of Political Networks. 

Ingold, Karin, Manuel Fischer, and Paul Cairney (2016). Drivers for Policy
Agreement in Nascent Subsystems: An Application of the Advocacy Coalition
Framework to Fracking Policy in Switzerland and the UK.
<> The Policy Studies Journal. 

Cairney, Paul, Karin Ingold, and Manuel Fischer (2016). Fracking in the UK
and Switzerland: why differences in policymaking systems don’t always
produce different outputs and outcomes.
<> Policy & Politics.

Ingold, Karin, Manuel Fischer, Cheryl de Boer and Peter Molinga (2016).
Water Management Across Borders, Scales and Sectors: Recent Developments and
Future Challenges in Water Policy Analysis.
<> Environmental Policy and

Metz, Florence and Manuel Fischer (2016). Policy Diffusion in the Context of
International River Basin Management.
<> Environmental Policy and

Fischer, Manuel and Pascal Sciarini (2016). Drivers of Collaboration in
Political Decision Making: A Cross-Sector Perspective.
<> The Journal of Politics. 

Fischer, Manuel and Martino Maggetti (2016). Qualitative Comparative
Analysis and the Study of Policy Processes.
<> Journal of Comparative
Policy Analysis.

Fischer, Manuel, Karin Ingold, Pascal Sciarini and Frédéric Varone (2016).
Dealing with bad guys: actor- and process-level determinants of the “devil
shift” in policy making.  <>
Journal of Public Policy. 

Kunz, Nadja C, Manuel Fischer, Karin Ingold, and Janet G Hering (2016).
Drivers for and against municipal wastewater recycling: a review.
<> Water Science and Technology.



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