Hi Everyone,

LeaderLync is a leadership development tool that prepares you for success
in a rapidly changing social and healthcare environment by promoting
innovation, collaboration and teamwork. It tracks your participation in
events and uses a point-based system that displays individual leadership
skills as a bar graph. Think of it as a “time sheet” that “logs” what you
do outside of  the classroom. A new feature just added is a self-reporting
community service and internship portal. Examples of events you can report
are lectures, seminars, workshops, assignments and community service.

I have agreed to serve as the Super-Administrator (fancy, eh?) for
pre-health students. This means that I will work with your individual
organizations to train an officer to assign competencies/skills to events
*or* I will do that for you. LeaderLync can be used to keep attendance at
meetings and events, engage in competitions with other UF organizations
(CHSC vs AMSA at Relay for Life) or compete with other universities when
they come on board (AMSA.ufl vs AMSA.fsu).

I’m talking about leadership and LeaderLync at tomorrow’s CHSC meeting –
7:30-8:30 pm in CSE E119 - please join us and bring friends and officers of
your organization, too. To set up an account and tour the app before the
meeting, create a LeaderLync *Demo* Account. You can join any of the groups
available (health disparities, CHSC, AMSA, PSO) since this is for demo
purposes only:

   1. Go to your App Store (iOS) or Play Store (android) and search for “
   2. Once you download, click on “Join now” at the bottom
   3. Enter organization code *463448*
   4. Create your account
   5. Once logged in, you may “RSVP” to the demo events already set up. You
   may also browse other students and request to follow them
   6. If you have any problems, contact LeaderLync Help.

You can purchase LeaderLync now at a 30% discount until *August 1, 2017*;
you will pay $32.50 instead of the usual price of $50.00/year. Go to
"LeaderLync Pre-health"

UF’s Pre-health advisors are excited about the app’s ability to help you
develop leadership skills and will be sending information out through the
pre-heath listserv. The UF College of Medicine is interested in allowing
LeaderLync users to download their profiles as part of the application to
medical school. We are the first university to offer this app to
undergraduate students.

Bring your questions to tomorrow’s meeting. I look forward to seeing you!

Warmest regard,

Dr. G.

Laura K. Guyer, PhD, MEd, RDN

CGSWSR, Health Disparities in Society minor

205 Ustler

Box 117352

352-332-0523 <%28352%29%20332-0523> (mobile)

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