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A major cause of food waste is spoilage due to the natural degradation 
of produce.  Once produce is picked, it's a race against the clock to 
consume it before it spoils, in this time it must be sorted, packed, 
shipped, on the shelf at the market, then in our fridge or on our 
counter until we decide to eat it.  And in our global economy, food can 
travel incredible distance.  This article gives the examples of shipping 
avocados to China taking about 30 day, which as it happens is about the 
shelf-life of an avocado.  To slow down the degradation process, Apeel 
Sciences has developed a coating, derived from crop residues, that acts 
as a barrier to reduce the loss of moisture and intake of oxygen into 
the produce, two of the processes responsible for spoilage.  The company 
claims that it could extend the shelf life 2 to 4 times.  The coating 
has also recently be certified organic and is edible.  While eating 
locally-produced food would certainly help in reducing the travel time 
of produce, the global produce market is not likely to disappear anytime 
soon.  Innovators like these are helping to ensuring that what is 
shipped around the world stays as fresh as possible and doesn't lead to 
food waste.

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This Startup Has a Natural Solution to the $2.6 Trillion Food Waste 
Beth Kowitt
April 28, 2017