I have released slides for this week to Canvas, but there is a caveat.

Because of the amount of work needed to redo week 13 slides, and other commitments, it is likely I won't be able to "spiff up" slides for 2017 until Monday.

Thus, I've posted older versions of the slides and videos to Canvas.  The *coverage* is identical but ... well ... I don't know how else to say it ... you will suffer :-).  It's just longer, less focused, and there are 50 slides at the start I literally jump through and say are irrelevant.  All of these are removed from the 2017 version (which I've edited, but not fully scripted or recorded).

Still, I can't make you wait till Monday, so I've posted the older version, and you can get everything you need from them.

Good that there are only 2 weeks left, eh?


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