Former GARC faculty Advisor Dr. Erich Farber has passed away.  In 2013 we
donated a satellite ground station in his name, located at the Erich Farber
Solar Park off of Archer Road.

Obit follows,


Dr. Erich Farber passed away February 9, 2017 in Gainesville Florida. He
was a remarkable man - scholar, scientist, champion snow skier, decorated
war hero, accomplished musician, mountain climbing instructor, teacher of
thousands, world traveler, creator of scholarships, Boy Scout leader,
husband, father, and unhesitating and cheerful helper to all - neighbors,
colleagues, and strangers.

Born in Austria to Ignatz and Hildegard Farber, his talent and rigorous
education in early life inspired accomplishments throughout. He escaped
Hitler's advances in the late 1930's to arrive In America without speaking

He took any job and spent hours in movie theaters to learn the language of
his new country. While supporting his parents, he worked his way through
school, achieving excellence. His thirst for knowledge led him to obtain a
PhD only because he wanted to take the classes 'to learn something' rather
than achieve the scholastic status.

He was interrupted by WWII when he returned to Europe to lead a
reconnaissance tank group with Patton's Army. He distinguished himself by
leading a volunteer rescue of wounded soldiers on Friday the 13th, 1945.
For this valor,

he was awarded the Silver Star. He referred to this event as 'just doing
the job'.

Dr. Farber achieved international acclaim for his work in the solar energy
field as Director of the Solar Energy Laboratory at UF. Among his honors
was being a Charter Member of the Solar Hall of Fame.

Many students from around the world would come to the 'Training in
Alternative Energy Technologies' seminars. He also participated in NASA’s
'Man on the Moon' project as well as the Space Shuttle program. He assisted
heart surgeons at UF by developing noninvasive temperature sensors for open
heart operations. His contributions to reference books such as Mark's
Engineering Handbook helped educate about Stirling Engines and solar
energy. Countless other reports and publications bear his name, the use of
which spread around the world. After retirement, Dr.

Farber found interest in electronics and other items in need of repair.
After learning their design and restoring them, he amassed a rather large

Dr. Farber is survived by his wife of 67 years, Ellen; sons Hans (Carol)
and Webb (Kathy); grandchildren

Erich II and Louisa (Adam) Belay; and great-grandson Landon Belay.

If desired, memorial donations may be made to a scholarship or charity of
choice as Dr. Farber placed a very high value on education, combined with a
passion for helping others. Arrangement for memorial services will be made
at a later date.

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