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In our current educational systems, it is primarily IQ and performance on
analytical assessments that define intelligence. Core college coursework is
built accordingly.  This puts students who are more creative or very
practical thinkers at a disadvantage.  In Defining Smart we will look at two
theories of intelligence that help us better understand the variety of
learners who come to our colleges.  We will discuss exactly what's happening
in the brain as a student takes in information.  We will finally look at two
theories of learning that can be tremendously helpful as we design
interventions for students who are struggling to navigate core courses. 

This session will be delivered by Curtis Turner who is a teacher trainer and
math curriculum expert with a passion for the novice math learner.  Curtis
has been an educator for 24 years working as a middle and high school math
teacher, k-12 principal, community college dean and currently a university
instructor at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.  During his time
in k-12 and the community college, Curtis observed the struggles of students
who had failed to learn fundamental and essential skills.  Since that time
he has committed his work to finding ways to meet the needs of the novice
learners who currently reside in a system that doesn't work very well for

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