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Dear SOCNETters:

I have a doubt, I will appreciate if someone can guide me in solving the problem.

I have several instants t1 to tn.

At each instant I have 2 or 3 sets of points with 3 numerical attributes, we could say that these attributes are coordinates (x, y, z) of each point.

Is there a metric or algorithm that allows me to partition groups of points, sort of like finding clusters within each group and from those clusters in turn have some metrics for each set?

It could be said that all the points of each set are connected to each other, so I do not know if this provides any useful information.

Thanks in advance.


Lic. Aldo G. Agunin
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tel: +(54-11) 5238-9333/5238-9300 int. 333
Ayacucho 555-C1026AAC-Buenos Aires - Argentina
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