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Subject: [UFRESEARCH-L] UFIRST Upgrade April 14, 2017


On Friday, April 14, 2017 there will be a major upgrade launched in UFIRST.  UFIRST will be down Friday evening from 6-8pm for the upgrade.  A new UFIRST announcements page is available at: that describes this and future patches.  Please refer to this page frequently to see what enhancements are coming!


This Friday, the Subaward process in UFIRST is being completely overhauled to improve the workflow and tracking of subawards in UFIRST.  In order to launch this upgrade, the subward functionality is currently disabled.  It will be available on Monday morning.  New instruction guides for creation of subawards and modifications are linked on the HELP tab within UFIRST as: UFIRST Toolkits.


In addition to the subawards overhaul, this upgrade includes:

1.       IDC center allocation updates can now be performed as an activity.  An Award Modification is not required.

2.       Wherever departments are displayed on Proposals, Budgets, and Agreements, display the DeptID

3.       Make all options for selecting recipients of the Send Email Activity consistent across Proposal, Award, and Mod.

4.       Allocations selected to be made perm should be automatically unselected once the temp-made-perm question is set to “no”.

5.       New temp option on the increase funding selection on Page 3.1 Q 1.0

6.       Effort Commitments for one month based on days and therefore a 28 day or 31 day month might display as 0.98 or 1.02 months

7.       Award Mod page 1.0 add Internal Notes box separate from Modification Description field

8.       Expand “mod type detail” column in Award Workspace Modification tab and correct title on “net dollar change” column

9.       Allow Award Modification to change more titles and demographics

10.   Correct Project Details table and Budget Release amount to include Indirect Manual Adjustment Amount

11.   Correct that Project Units changed on a mod revert back to the old project unit once a subsequent mod is completed

12.   Attachments tab – “Uploaded By” column shows the most recent uploader instead of the original one.

13.   New projects created on modifications link to myUFL activated

14.   Allow DSP to move attachments between internal and official on Award Modifications.

15.   Allow expanded DSP authority to remove protocols when entered incorrectly

16.   When DSP notes “Sponsor Approval Received” on a modification, send to DSP Review not C&G Review

If you have any questions about this patch or suggestions for future enhancements, please contact us at: [log in to unmask]

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