Hi CHSC members!

It’s finally spring! That means pools, BBQs, and preparing for the MCAT. Although finals are surely the main focus, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll study for the MCAT. What better way to figure this out then with a free online event? Click here to learn more about our Inside the Classroom event: https://www.kaptest.com/pages/free-inside-the-classroom.

Once you’ve figured out how to study, don’t forget to use your 10% discount, CLUB10, to register for a course at https://www.kaptest.com/mcat. One particular course you might be interested in learning more about is our MCAT Summer Intensive- Live Online course. If you feel like a full-on bootcamp is what you need, this is the course for you! You can check out more here: https://www.kaptest.com/mcat/mcat-prep-course/mcat-prep-options/summer-live-online-intensive

We’re looking for passionate, highly motivated Student Brand Ambassadors to join our Kaplan Test Prep team.  In this position, you’ll increase Kaplan’s visibility on campus and social media with the goal of building futures, one success story at a time! Learn more and apply today at https://sites.google.com/kaplan.com/sbaapplicationportal.

Thank you,

Sam Shear

Kaplan representative