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Yeah, I know it is bragging, but with the INSNA conference season on us, 
it is  time to take these points seriously again:

From Russ Bernard on Facebook

H. Russell Bernard for those interested in the back story. ... barry and 
bev started insna in 1977, 40 years ago ... a heroic effort. the early 
issues of *connections* were (and remain) a treasure, with articles by 
clyde mitchell, john barnes, lin freeman, nan lin, frans stokman, and on 
and on and on ... in 1988, when insna turned 10, barry wrote a column, 
titled: "what is to be done? the next ten years of insna" ... the tag line 
on barry's email correspondence these days is a quote from the 
streisand/sonheim song *putting it together*: "a vision is just a vision 
if it's only in your head." that vision was number 4 on the list of 6 
things that barry wrote was needed in 1988:

"We face the continuing dilemmas of solidifying into a church, hiving off 
into a sect, or diffusing into vacuousness . We need the dynamism of new 
ideas & the theoretical development of existing ideas . It's time to go 
beyond neat insights & fancy methods. The time of easy victories is past, 
when we snuck up on a pack of social sciences who were talking about 
social structure but practicing individualistic, culturological analysis . 
For starters, we must consolidate our theoretical base and evaluate the 
analytic utility of various measures . To avoid stale in-groupiness, we 
need to develop entry points to make our work more accessible to broader 
masses of scholars as well as to practitioners."
thanks to barry for all he's done to make this happen and wishing everyone 
a wonderful conference in beijing ...

   Barry Wellman

    A vision is just a vision if it's only in your head
    Step by step, link by link, putting it together
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