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Dear Colleagues & Students,

2017 Summer Stats Camp  in Albuquerque, NM is just around the corner!



We are offering Social Network Analysis with Siena; Instructors: Leslie
Echols & Michael D. Siciliano


Overview: Morning sessions will consist primarily of lectures and class
discussions. Afternoon sessions will be dedicated to lab demonstrations and
activities designed to help participants become users of social network
methods and software. Participants are not required but encouraged to bring
their own complete network data. The Friday afternoon session will be
reserved for consulting on individual projects.

Survey a variety of approaches to collecting and analyzing network data at
single and multiple points in time using R software. Topics include basic
statistics and visualization, network regression/QAP, exponential random
graph models (ERGMs), and stochastic actor-oriented models (RSiena).  The
workshop will consist of a mixture of classroom teaching and hands-on
computer work. As such, this is a great introduction to R for anyone!
Network data will be provided for the lab activities and participants will
conduct some type of analysis every day. This is an applied course that will
take you from novice to proficient in 5 days!




Also, all Stats Camp Courses are now available on streaming video: they are
included in your Stats Camp registration! You take great notes, but we know
sometimes you just can't jot it all down. 



Happy Camping,


Todd Little & 

Team Stats Camp

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