You could try this scramble exercise.  I generally use this exercise to create a social engine out of an interdisciplinary crowd

1) (15 minutes) In groups of 3 or 4, each person should take 5 minutes to describe their work and key challenges they face. Make some notes about the responses of the people in your group.

2) (15 minutes) now switch to a group of all new people, and repeat the exercise in part 1

Debriefing: how did you select the people in the first group (proximity usually), but how about the second group?

3) matchmaker: over lunch, identify people in your first group who would have a good conversation with people in your second group and introduce them and explain why they should talk to each other.

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Hi all,

Does anyone have recommendations for unique and/or fun icebreakers (for a group of professionals) that incorporate or are informed by network concepts? I’ve been asked to lead a workshop where I will be discussing the general topic of Managing Organizational Networks, and the organizers have asked for an icebreaker event as an opener. I’d love something that helps transition into the presentation topics.

Thank you in advance,

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