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Dear SOCNET members,

please have a look at this call for applications for a summer school in agent-based modeling which also involves social networks. I hope it could be of interest for somebody.


*Summer School in "Agent-based modelling for social scientists", Brescia,
Italy, September 4-8, 2017* <>

Jointly organised by the GECS - Research Group on Experimental and Computational Sociology < <>> of the University of Brescia (Italy) and the PhD Programme in Economic Sociology and Labour Studies < <>> of the University of Milan and University of Brescia (Italy), this hands-on training school aims to introduce students to NetLogo, the most popular platform to build agent-based models, by using examples from sociology and social science research, also involving the role of social networks.

Students will be provided with a theoretical background on the use of agent-based modelling in social science research and will learn how to develop an agent-based model from scratch. The examples will be on social impact, culture dynamics and social network effects on individual beliefs. Models will be first studied in detail, their codes will be analysed and then codes will be rebuilt from scratch, step-by-step, line-by-line in the class. Individual activities and exercise will be combined with group activities. No prerequisite on computing is needed. The students are expected to join the training with their own laptop.

The school faculty includes:

Flaminio Squazzoni < <>> (University of
Simone Gabbriellini < <>> (University of Brescia, DocDelta),
Federico Bianchi < <>> (University of Brescia)

The programme is based on full-day training, from 9 am to 5 pm:

Monday, September 4: “An introduction to agent-based modelling and NetLogo"

Tuesday, September 5: “A thematic focus on 'A dynamic theory of social
impact': models and exercises"

Wednesday, September 6: “A thematic focus on 'Culture diffusion and dynamics:
models' and exercises"

Thursday, September 7: “A thematic focus on 'Small world networks and
cultural polarization': models and exercises"

Friday, September 8: Group work and projects

School fees are 500 euros for graduate students, 600 euros for post-docs and
senior researchers. Fees include accommodation (5 nights in a university
residence), luncheons, a social dinner, a social event and all course

To apply, please send a CV and a description of the project to be developed
to the School director, Flaminio Squazzoni <[log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>> by June, 30, 2017 ([log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>)


Federico Bianchi,

GECS - Research Group on Experimental and Computational Sociology,
Department of Economics and Management, University of Brescia, Italy
Skype: federicobianchi87

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