The Smooth-billed Ani is still being reported in the canal east of the STA
5/6 Deer Fence Public Access Parking lot. On April 22 a Great White Heron
(morph of Great Blue) was

Confirmed with photographs on the south side of Cell 3B where one had been
observed several years ago. 

To view current lists go to Stormwater Treatment Area 5/6 on ebird.


Margaret England


Hendry Glades Audubon


Walking/Bicycle access is available Friday-Monday during daylight hours.
(Closed Tuesday-Thursday)

The next driving trip will be May 13.  The June 10 and September 9 trips
will be cancelled if few than 5 people register for trip at <> 



May 13   June 10 September 9 October 14 November 4, 18 December 2, 16
December 30 "Christmas Bird Count" 2018 January 13, 20 February 3 February
17, 18, 19     "Great Backyard Bird Count" March 3, 17 April 7, 21 May 5, 19
(No trips June, July, August) September 8, 22 October 6, 20 November 3, 17
December1, 15, 29 December 29 (Christmas Bird Count)

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