June 20, 2017


All UF Graduate Associate Deans, Coordinators and Staff


UF Graduate School


Summer A 2017 Conditional Admission Registration Hold Update


We just finished reviewing Summer A 2017 grades on the transcripts of all Summer A 2017 conditionally admitted graduate students who had to finish all of the first-semester courses in which they enrolled with at least a 3.0 grade point average and no I (Incomplete), U (Unsatisfactory) or W (Withdrawn) grades.


We lifted registration holds for all students who met those conditions on their admission, thus qualifying for continued enrollment.


For students who did not meet any or all of those conditions on their admission, or whose Summer A 2017 are missing from their transcripts as of this date, the registration holds remain in place.


Students who met the terms of their conditional admission for Summer A 2017 are now free to preregister or register for Summer B 2017 and/or Fall 2017 courses per the dates and deadlines posted online here:


Please notify your conditionally admitted students about these updates.


If you have any questions, please e-mail Office Manager Gregory Orloff at [log in to unmask].