Aloha from Hawaii!
Our center's primary focus is on one-to-one peer tutoring, but many
students prefer interacting in groups, and I believe that group services
are able to attract/support some students who wouldn't access individual
tutoring. Accordingly, we also offer several programs that target groups:

   - *Language Conversation Groups:* small weekly groups that engage
   students through conversation practice, cultural enrichment and fun
   activities, led by a peer tutor or volunteer who's a native speaker of the
   - S*cience Success workshops:* interactive workshops (offered several
   times during one week of the semester) focusing on study skills for
   science, led by teams of peer tutors;
   - *Pre-exam review sessions:* led by a peer tutor for students in a
   particular instructor's course, usually a science or social science course.

We've been offering these programs for some years, and they generally work
well, but I'd like to know what other group-oriented, peer-delivered
services are out there that we might try -- or ways to tweak the services
we currently offer.

Our campus offered Supplemental Instruction for a while, but the level of
organization required would demand an additional professional (and funding)
that we don't currently have, so SI isn't an option.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

   -- beth

Beth Kupper-Herr
Coordinator, Learning Resource Center
Leeward Community College
96-045 Ala Ike
Pearl City, HI  96782
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