Sounds like supplemental instruction, and this model is working wonders at our institution. We also have individual tutoring. I think the services are complementary and provide students options for academic support.

Lisa Walther 
Director, Tutoring and Testing Center
Nova Southeastern University 

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Good morning, Lynda,


I have used curriculum-based tutors for a long time as the tutors are not only given the information needed to help with course work but were also there as support only. I ask them to model good student behavior (taking notes, ect.), and I also asked that they not answer questions asked by me.


The relationship between students and tutors organically grew, and it was not a top-down relationship. It was clear that I was the instructor in the classroom.


I began using curriculum based tutors after reading  On Location edited by Candace Spigelman and Laurie Grobman. While it’s now dated, I recommend reading it as it provides guidance in how to incorporate tutors into the curriculum.




Nita Meola

Senior Director of Tutoring, Learning Studio

Columbia College Chicago

33 E. Congress, 101C

Chicago, IL 60605






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Good Morning to all,


I have a faculty who is having the peer tutor (hired by me and paid by me)  come into class and help run small discussion groups.  


I do not think assisting in class with small discussion groups falls within what peer tutor parameters should be.  It seems this is helping the faculty member mainly but maybe I am viewing this wrong. 


Any thoughts?


Lynda Sukolsky 



Lynda J. Sukolsky, M.Ed., PgC

Director of the Academic Achievement Center

Seton Hill University

Greensburg, PA



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