Hello Kimberly,

Here are a few suggestions you may wish to consider as you develop your plan.

·         Provide lunch in a method that invites interaction between student workers. (We feed buffet style, provide seating at 8-person tables, and encourage our leaders to mingle with and sit with different groups.)

·         Consider service opportunities concurrent with training. (We have our training on Freshman move-in day. We give each of our employees a T-shirt with our logo and spend an hour helping new students move into their dorms.)

·         CRLA encourages refresher training. Consider including returning tutors in a training session for your level 1 tutors so that they can share their experience with the new tutors.

·         Consider having experienced tutors conduct some of the training. We have the benefit of being level 3 certified. We routinely require our tutors who are already level three to help train other tutors. We typically have one of our staff observe this training so that we can provide feedback to our level 3 tutors on how to improve their instruction.

Good luck developing your program. Contact me off-list if I can be of any assistance.

Martin Golson
Director, Academic Support
Certified Learning Center Professional – Level 4
Austin Peay State University

(931) 221-6553

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." - Seneca

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Subject: CRLA ITTPC Level II Training Calendars

Good Morning!

I am currently working on planning Level II training and I find myself stuck in a rut of one hour trainings.  Do any of you mix it up, have interesting multiple hour trainings or innovative new activities to excite returning tutors? Would anyone be willing to share their calendar and list of training titles?

Do you ever combine new and returning tutors for training and if so, how?  I am faced with a budget that accommodates 10 tutor training hours per tutor.  If I encourage tutors to come to training for both levels, I am suddenly over 10 hours per tutor, but I want the interaction.  Any suggestions?

Any an all information is appreciated.  We just received Level I certification and can not wait to reach Level II!

Kimberly Courtwright
University of Central Missouri
Tutoring Services Coordinator
Academic Enrichment
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